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Chicago Divvy bikes are borderline military vehicles

Some people drive to work. Others take a train. For me, once it gets above 40 degrees, I start heading to work in a tank. Don’t get me wrong, I dabble with the other modes of transportation. During winter and “thaw,” I’m right there with you riding the bus or crammed in on the Red Line. This... Read more »

It's a great time to be a writer. Kind of.

During last year’s NBA Finals, I wrote an article reminiscing about the times I guarded Golden State Warriors’ All-Star Draymond Green back in our high school basketball days. It was going to be super timely, especially as I watched Draymond knock down five threes in the first half of Game 7. He was playing like... Read more »

Guest Post: Alex Barker's ode to sushi

Hey! Good morning. Welcome back to Medium Rare. It’s been awhile. I feel like the guys in the first Hangover movie; little bit wobbly, scratching my head, wondering what all just happened. I’ve scrolled through March on the blog and it’s just a sea of March Madness posts. How many of these did I do? Is that... Read more »