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March Madness bracket advice: Eight teams that can WIN the 2017 NCAA Tournament (part 2)

No time for an intro. Here we are. My top five teams in the NCAA Tournament who I believe can all win the title. The other three contenders are right here.  Let’s begin. 5. Kansas The pros – A lot of ’em. The Jayhawks have the best backcourt in the country with Mason and Graham.... Read more »

March Madness bracket advice: Eight teams that can WIN the 2017 NCAA Tournament (part 1)

It’s 7 a.m., do you know where your bracket is? Have you officially locked in all of your picks for the 2017 NCAA Tournament? Or, do you find yourself still tinkering around, staring at that championship game, wondering if you made a terrible mistake. In the women’s bracket it’s easy, just roll with UCONN. In... Read more »

March Madness bracket advice: Eight teams that can beat anybody in the 2017 NCAA Tournament

Alright so check this out. In 1986, the NCAA Tournament expanded the field to 64 teams. Since that time, 17 different programs have won a title. That’s 17-out-of-31, which is really not that much parity; especially considering how well known March Madness is for being chaotic, unpredictable, anybody can win, etc. But before you view... Read more »

NCAA Tournament 2017: Eight sleeper/dark horse picks (part 2)

The 2017 NCAA Tournament is almost here. Like less than 24 hours almost here. And it’s at this point we begin questioning every aspect of our bracket. The championship matchup doesn’t look right. The Elite Eight looks anything but elite. Why’d I put so much faith in Middle Tennessee State? Wichita State over Kentucky? Maybe... Read more »

NCAA Tournament 2017: Eight sleeper/dark horse picks (part 1)

What’s the difference between a Sleeper and a Dark Horse pick? Actually, let’s take a step back. Is there even a such thing as a Sleeper or Dark Horse team anymore? When you have ESPN, CBS, Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, newspapers, hundreds of sports blogs and then dirt bags like me all giving you lists of... Read more »

March Madness bracket advice - Three high risk, high reward upset/Cinderella picks

NCAA Tournament upsets are a tricky business. Pick the right one, you look like a genius. Pick the wrong one, especially if you go against a top team that goes on to the Final Four, and now you’re in a tough spot to gain ground in your office pool. So let’s get into it. If you... Read more »

March Madness bracket advice - Five pretty safe upset/Cinderella picks

The only thing more exciting than seeing an upset in the NCAA Tournament is seeing it AND having it in your bracket. It’s the ultimate bracket street cred. I’m pretty sure everyone who took George Mason, Wichita State or VCU to the Final Four immediately received jobs forecasting the stock market on Warren Buffet’s staff. Upsets... Read more »

March Madness bracket advice - Pick AGAINST your favorite team

I’ve got a problem. In eighteen of the last twenty years, I have picked my favorite team, the Kansas Jayhawks, to win the NCAA Tournament. And how has that panned out for me? I’ve been wrong seventeen out of eighteen times. So why keep doing it? Isn’t there a saying about doing the same thing over... Read more »

Fixing ESPN Joe Lunardi's March Madness bracket

I think Joe Lunardi has the best job in America. ESPN pays him to watch college basketball and then draw up mock brackets. What could be better than that? For the next four weeks, the rest of us have to pretend to pay attention during meetings, nodding our head along while secretly checking college basketball... Read more »

NCAA Tournament: The baskets of de plausibles (March 1st edition)

March is officially here! And, given a recent list of copyright busts by the NCAA, I will proceed carefully with how I refer to America’s favorite tournament. For any NCAA attorneys reading, this is not a “March Madness” post, this is a post about that exciting basketball tournament that takes place the month after February.... Read more »