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That time I didn't recognize Ernie Banks at a pizza place

I never saw Cubs legend Ernie Banks play a game of baseball, but I did see him eat a slice of pizza. In the winter of 2014, a year before Ernie Banks passed away and two years before Chicago was flying the ultimate W, there he was sitting peacefully in Bongiorno’s Pizzeria downtown, pizza slice on his plate, flying... Read more »

You waited HOW long to vote?

It’s time for a dark political confession. This is a revelation you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Not on Wikileaks, not from FBI Director James Comey. Ready? Here goes… I didn’t vote in the 2012 Presidential Election. Hide it under a Billy Bush no more; I’m gonna let it shine. And it wasn’t a protest against Mitt Romney or Barack... Read more »

Donald Trump's pivot: From Reggie Miller to Jose Canseco

Predicting what will happen here on Election Day between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton reminds me of a situation the sportswriter Bill Simmons found himself in five years ago. Simmons, a die-hard New England Patriots fan, was trying to give a non-biased forecast for the AFC Divisional game between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos. Tom Brady vs.... Read more »