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Questions we should be asking on election day

In 2012, almost 130 million Americans voted, choosing either Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, a third party candidate or a write-in option. The 130 million number represented about 54 percent turnout, meaning if you lined up every American adult (18-years or older) side-by-side, almost every other person would be sitting out the election. Or, think about it this... Read more »

23 things you might not know about Michael Jordan and the 1984 NBA Draft

Over the last month, I have been trying to read as many of the great basketball books as I can as inspiration. My hot streak continued with Filip Bondy’s book Tipoff: How the 1984 NBA Draft Changed Basketball Forever.  Tipoff is another must-read book for NBA fans. Bondy’s reporting is full of behind the scenes information and plenty of answers... Read more »

Five problems the NBA should solve this decade

The NBA is doing just fine. Their recent $24 billion TV deal was not done out of charity. For me to step in and give Medium Rare advice on how to improve the product is kind of like me offering marriage advice to a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. But basketball, by far my favorite sport,... Read more »

Those times I guarded a chubby Draymond Green

I used to line up against Draymond Green. This was before his careers with the Michigan State Spartans and Golden State Warriors and before I took my talents to lunchtime hoops. In one corner you had me at 6’3’’, maybe 180 lbs and that’s if I had shoes on, a sweatshirt and lunch at Fogo de Chao. In... Read more »

But what if this Bulls team actually works?

I want to get my Grandma one of those Amazon Fire TV sticks. Or a Chromecast, Apple TV, whatever, but I imagine her reaction being something like this: “Wow, this is great! But not sure if my TV supports it. And I don’t have Netflix. And our wifi can be a bit of a pain.... Read more »