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Doesn't Tim Kaine kind of look like an NBA Assistant Coach?

What stands out the most to me about this wild Presidential Election is just how many doppelgangers we have seen. The internet has pointed out Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster. Hillary Clinton and David Spade. Donald Trump and an orangutan. Now, I did hesitate from writing this post. Making fun of appearance feels very middle school-esque. But then... Read more »

I might have just read the best sports book of all time

I understand the argument for college basketball over the NBA. The points usually include: the college kids care more, they are playing for the love of the game. The NBA season is too long. NBA games are always tied with two minutes to go so why watch the whole game. LeBron gets all the calls.... Read more »

Life reflections over a couple Burger King hot dogs

I want to make one thing clear right away, I am not above the Burger King hot dog. I re-read my post from last week and I felt like there was an element of foodie elitism going on. At times it seemed like I came down from my culinary high horse, held the plate up... Read more »