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Why Michael Jordan apologists may be in for a tough 10 years (part 1)

When it comes to the Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James debate, Chicago has a surprisingly divided voting base. I mean it’s not an Ohio or Florida level swing state, but it’s close enough that if you do make the Lebron over MJ argument in a Chicago bar, you are guaranteed to have a few people... Read more »

Can we meet at a halfway (exclamation) point

The exclamation point. I love this punctuation mark. When you see a “!” it even looks like it’s yelling at you. Just like the period says, “We’re done here,” the comma says, “Hey, take a breath,” and the question mark looks like someone lost asking for directions, the exclamation point, at least at one point... Read more »

It's time to bring back the master cup

Growing up in the 90’s, every home in America had distinct glasses and cups. When you were at a friend’s house, their mom would say help yourself, milk, water, we got pops in the garage and you’d navigate through their unfamiliar cabinets. Plates, nope, spice rack, nope, ah ha, there they are. On one side, glasses.... Read more »