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Moral dilemma in the laundry room

Fresh out of college, the in unit washer/dryer meant nothing to me during an apartment hunt. Finding an apartment was all about location. Distance from the water. Distance from Wrigley Field. Most importantly, I needed to know if the neighborhood had the Big Three: a good pizza place, a somewhat respectable sandwich shop and a... Read more »

April showers: What your umbrella says about you

Every time April comes around, I will often ask myself, “At what age do I finally grow up and buy an umbrella?” Using an umbrella, like¬†filing taxes on time or slowly phasing chicken nuggets out of the weekly diet, is something I know grown ups should probably do.¬†But for me, it’s a final hurdle I... Read more »

NCAA March Madness: A post-mortem on my bracket

When it comes to March Madness, I have the ridiculous lifelong goal of picking the perfect bracket. Alright, maybe not perfection, but I want to pick a bracket that at least somewhat resembles what actually transpires on the court. This year’s picks? Not too bad, but still a long way to go. For accountability, here’s... Read more »