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NCAA March Madness: Kansas, Michigan State, who's gonna win this thing?

This year’s group of No. 1 seeds have the most combined losses in NCAA Tournament history. During the regular season, a team would move into the No. 1 spot in the AP Poll only to lose a few days later. The names sound familiar, Kansas, North Carolina, and don’t get me wrong, they do have... Read more »

NCAA March Madness: 10 dark horse sleeper picks to consider

Here’s what happens to me at this point every year. I look at my bracket, and it’s a little¬†too¬†orderly. My Elite 8 has three No. 1 seeds, three No. 2 seeds, and it all seems too logical, too boring, history doesn’t favor the cautious bracketeer. This is a dangerous spot to be in. The temptation... Read more »

NCAA March Madness: Every pick for West, East, Midwest and South regions

I want to start out this post by defending President Barack Obama. Every year he has to stand in front of the entire nation, unveil his plan of attack and open himself up to all sorts of criticism and potential public humiliation. This moment, of course, being his annual meeting with ESPN’s Andy Katz to... Read more »

March Madness - Advice that may or may not ruin your bracket

The NCAA Tournament is finally here! Selection Sunday is behind us, the brackets are out, printers across America are about to be severely paper jammed and the average bathroom break will increase by 15-20 minutes. If you hear someone yelling in the stall, they’re ok, their team may be hurting, but don’t worry about calling... Read more »

John Kasich and the chicken nugget dilemma

When we look back at the last 25 years of fast food history, few items on the menu have experienced more change than the chicken nugget. Sure, chicken nuggets have been around since the 1950’s, but I think from 1995 – 2016, THAT’S when the real history happened. We lived through the golden era of... Read more »