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Life lessons from the Looney Tunes (part 1)

In terms of popularity, Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird are probably the most well liked Looney Tunes characters. Which, if that’s you, that’s fine, no judgement, but for me, I like the misfits. Not the ones you could picture yourself having a beer with, but the ones you could picture across the bar drinking alone,... Read more »

That time my buddy caught a foul ball while holding his baby at a Cubs game

You have probably seen the replay by now. The catch. The reverse-Bartman. The play that if, IF, Back to the Future is right and this turns out to be the year the Cubs end the streak, this catch could be that symbolic moment when everything turned around. The only thing that could have made the moment more... Read more »

Enjoy today, share tomorrow

Common stepping on stage to do a surprise performance of Glory. Derrick Rose showing up at an outdoor basketball court in Chicago. Surprise! Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are on stage dancing to Uptown Girl with Billy Joel. The natural instinct? Pull out the cell phone immediately. If you have your tablet on hand, even... Read more »