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Through the eyes of a tablet

Last week my wife and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary. Which is why these next two paragraphs are so hard for me to write. But sometimes in life you’ve gotta be vulnerable and open up even the most painful wounds. I never thought it would happen. Our marriage felt so strong. A foundation of... Read more »

Writers make terrible drivers

Every time my wife and I drive back to Michigan to visit my parents or go to the 45th wedding of the summer, there is a heated battle that takes place. The source of the problem is the Chicago Skyway. More accurately, the source of the problem is me. I’ll blame it on the bridge,... Read more »

The surprising product of laziness

In some ways I envy romantic couples from the 1700’s. And not specific to the 1700’s, I’m not saying that was THE century to be in love, I’m really just picking any time period when a man would pack his bags, stand in front of a giant whaling ship, kiss his wife goodbye and whisper,... Read more »

Love me a lazy Sunday

This is the first sentence I have written since June 27, 2015. Now, granted, there have been emails, texts and one tweet, but in terms of writing-writing, that was it. And now I’m kind of tired. My fingers need an ice bath. For anyone who read my post about How to write a book in... Read more »