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Cleaning Out the Fridge - Woolly Mammoths and Frozen Pizza

The summer after my sophomore year of college, I moved back in with my parents in good ol Midland, Michigan. I had sophomore year ego, the type of college confidence where you know everything, your dreams are a sure bet and you rock plaid shorts. It was also the summer of Larry David. I discovered... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Fridge - Six Pack of Beer

I hopped back in my car, turned the key and got nothing but bah-rumpa-bumpa-bah. Grrrrr, rumpa-bumpa-bah. Not that surprising. The Wasteland had a way of making setbacks happen and if you haven’t read the first post in this series things are about to get pretty weird. I didn’t need my car. I’d run back to the main... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Fridge - A Writer's Block Journey Begins

Writer’s block is really not a lack of ideas, it’s a lack of time spent with half developed ideas. Ideas that are bigger than a Tweet but less than a blog post. Ideas that are like cars going in circles on a newly installed roundabout, the driver screaming at the GPS, “Yeah, I know, turn... Read more »