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Let's Get the Beans out of Chili

Winter is chili’s season to shine and Chicago is very much a chili city. Chili brings people together in the cold, takes hot dogs to a whole ‘nother level of heartburn and even the most conservative work places will support a chili cook off. I am at the point in my life where I would... Read more »

Finding Value in the January Blues

Six years ago, and I think it may actually be six years ago to this day, I sat down in the computer lab on the third floor of my college dorm and started typing up a poem. Technique, formatting, the fact that I hadn’t written a poem in years, none of that mattered. In that... Read more »

Fighting off the January Flu

I am not a believer in the flu shot. This is not an anti-medicine stance or a skepticism of the shot’s effectiveness. I fully believe the flu shot works. Just not against what I’m fighting each January. The flu shot protects you from outside forces, giving you peace of mind when the guy on the... Read more »

Rethinking New Year's Resolutions

I never remember having school called off because it was too cold outside. I don’t mean for that to sound like the ol: back when I was a kid we played tackle football and never had sriracha flavored anything, but all I can remember were snow days existing on two occasions: either an overnight avalanche... Read more »

Oh January - You Cold Sad Month

January and I have a bit of a history. An ongoing battle that is nowhere near being finished. Every other month comes and goes, just another page on the calendar. But January, I get chills typing the name. I think my apartment  just dropped 10 degrees. January is my Voldermort and the aching forehead scar is... Read more »