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But what if you just moved Christmas back a week?

I have let down my fellow squirrels. Throughout this series I’ve made squirrel-ism seem like a disease. I have been too forgiving toward the shoppers and grasshoppers. Offering advice left and right on how squirrels should give in, put aside our cheapness for the Christmas season and enjoy spending money on expensive gifts. That all... Read more »

Taming the Squirrel - Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Before diving into the Taming the Squirrel Christmas Edition finale, I wanted to cover a few stray pieces of Christmas advice. Ideas that, individually, I couldn’t write an entire blog post about, but they might make good appetizers leading up to potentially my squirreliest, stingiest, Scroogiest idea yet. Stray Squirrels  1. What do you buy... Read more »

My College Football Playoff Prophecy

The first ever College Football Playoffs are set with Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State as the final four. TCU and Baylor are on the outside looking in. Seems like the majority of fans believe the committee picked the right four teams and the only major complaint is that they shouldn’t have listed TCU... Read more »

Taming The Squirrel - Finding (some) Joy in Christmas Shopping

Every December I line up my acorns. I’m about to bury them safe underground when Santa Claus and his reindeer crash on the front lawn, kick the acorns everywhere and I’m trampled over by a Mariachi Band singing Feliz Navidad.  This is why squirrels tend to be scrooges during Christmas. The finish line is so close!... Read more »

When a $35 Stevie Wonder t-shirt nearly ruins the night

Squirrels are capable of giving meaningful gifts. Meaningful meaning expensive. Gifts meaning not a mix CD or something that falls under our famous squirrel slogan: “It’s the thought that counts.” When a squirrel gives a big gift, we attach it to whatever holiday is somewhat close on the calendar. See a sweatshirt you want in September?... Read more »