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Taming The Squirrel - Financial Advice Series

Remember the Aesop’s Fable about the grasshopper and the ant? Quick refresher: the story is about a grasshopper who is always singing during the warm months, while the ant labors away. The grasshopper constantly invites the ant out to lunch at Quiznos but the ant is like, “Nope, I’m just gonna eat my bland peanut... Read more »

Let's talk about cookie pizzas

With the amount of football and basketball I watch, I end up inadvertently viewing at least 15 minutes of pizza commercials per week. I have gotten into the price battles between Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Domino’s and love the occasional Little Caesars ad jumping in, reminding me that the Hot-N-Ready is still alive and... Read more »

how do I hold my friend's baby

Newborn baby is the trump card of all Facebook posts. It’s the highest level you can reach. A fresh baby photo allows you to kick out newly engaged, newly married, new house from their first class newsfeed seats and send them packing to sit with political rants and “here’s what I had for dinner” posts... Read more »

Nik Wallenda's Chi-Wire Walk

Nik Wallenda successfully walked across a high wire above the Chicago River from the top of one Marina Tower to the Leo Burnett building. No harness. No safety net below. Then, to raise the stakes even higher, Wallenda went a shorter distance between the two Marina Towers, but he did this second stunt blindfolded. And... Read more »