Pizza Hut Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

Stuffed CrustIf you have watched any NFL game in the last three weeks, chances are you have seen the Blake Shelton Pizza Hut commercial no less than 25 times. The message is simple: Pizza Hut has stuffed bacon and cheese in a crust.

Any time bacon is mentioned my ears automatically perk up and I am willing to follow bacon into almost any food combination.

Bacon wrapped jalapenos? Amazing. Bacon worked into a chocolate chip cookie? Kind of overrated. Bacon stuffed crust pizza? Let’s find out.

Living in New York or Chicago it’s hard not to develop a little bit of a pizza snobbery. This elitism makes me feel like I can’t join Papa John and Peyton Manning for a nice halftime lunch because I’ve got all these local options that I haven’t tried yet.

The problem is, the local options always end up being close to $30. This Pizza Hut deal, with delivery, was around $16.

By the way, I think Visa should do their next ‘Checkout’ commercial with me as their star. Unlike the surfer who ordered pizza mid-surf or Larry Fitzgerald who used Visa Checkout while also catching footballs, I successfully ordered my pizza shirtless, sitting on a couch with one hand in a bag of chips.

As you see in the photo above, there is a lot of crust per slice. I’d say I came in at about 3.2 bites before reaching the crust. So if you’re not all about that crust, ’bout that crust no treble, you’re not going to love this pizza. What I mean by that is if you think regular stuffed crust pizza is just ok, the bacon is not going to push you over the edge into, “This is amazing!” territory.

To be honest, stuffed crust pizza, in general, is a little on the overrated side. I feel like I am supposed to love it and to speak out against stuffed crust pizza, even to say it’s pretty good, is like being anti Tom Hanks or bashing Miley’s Party in the USA. 

How’d it do in the microwave?

Any pizza review I do will always have the essential ‘Microwave Test’ component.

This pizza doesn’t do particularly well in a microwave. I say eat 4-5 slices in the first sitting then take the time to reheat the rest in the oven.

Final Verdict

So is it worth ordering? If you like stuffed crust pizza this is definitely a nice addition. I recommend getting yourself some marinara or ranch dressing ready to dip the crust in. Definitely worth ordering.

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