Burger King disrupting the chicken nugget market

Chicken nuggets have always played an important role in the O’Brien household. From age six to 13, I’m pretty sure this was all my brother ate. Middle school/high school I could throw down 20 nuggets easily, split a 50 if necessary. In college my friends and I had the ‘Nug Bug’ a late night impulse drive to McDonalds to wolf down 10-20 McNuggets before going to bed.

I would say between fast food and frozen food I have averaged 60 chicken nuggets a year since the age of six. And that is a conservative estimate. At sixty a year, that is 1,080 chicken nuggets. Stack the nuggets on top of each other and that’s an 80 foot tower of greasiness.

The two biggest chicken nugget milestones in my lifetime were the somewhat universal move to white meat and the Wendy’s four piece.

White Meat

Nobody is going to make the argument that chicken nuggets are healthy, but I distinctly remember a time when I would bite into a chicken nugget, look down and the inside was a mixture of white, brown, maybe a bit of french fry worked into the mix.

Ten-fifteen years ago chicken nuggets rivaled hot dogs for mystery meat supremacy. Nowadays we can at least look inside the nugget and see one consistent color. Hey, it’s progress.

Wendy’s Four Piece

Exact dates involve research so I apologize for not having a timeline available, but when Wendy’s introduced their chicken nugget option they secured the #1 fast food ranking in the O’Brien household. Not only did they now offer the best chicken nuggets in the game, they offered the best all around non-burger meal with the spicy chicken sandwich (still the best chicken sandwich out there), fries, a 4-piece chicken nugget side dish and a Frosty.

The Chicken Nugget Landscape is Surprisingly Pretty Empty

Since that time, there really has not been many fast food challengers. KFC released popcorn chicken, but that doesn’t count. Same with chicken tenders. To enter the chicken nuggets competition, you have to own up to the name and shape. So I don’t count any dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets either.

If there is disagreement with my criteria, I would love to debate this in the comment section.

So when Burger King announced a 10-piece for $1.49…

I was intrigued. And I also think this is a subtle jab at McDonald’s with the price. If you remember last summer, Burger King had the 50 cent ice cream cone, then McDonald’s came out with the 49 cent option. This $1.49 has to be a tribute to that battle.

It’s an interesting tactic too, because if McDonald’s were to fight back by lowering their 10-piece price they almost have to go down to a dollar or 99 cents instead of $1.48.

The Results?

Ashley and I went to Burger King last night and put the 10-piece up to the test. Note, with fries and a drink the combo meal is right around $5, so I recommend just getting the 10-piece or, if you’re hungry, buy one or two more orders and still come in under $5.

We may have a new king in the chicken nugget competition. I know this sentence will sound weird, but what stood out for me was how fresh these nuggets were.

And you’re probably wondering, “Chris, do you know what the word fresh means?” Chicken Nuggets

In terms of chicken nuggets, fresh means: tastes like chicken, doesn’t have that spongey microwave taste and doesn’t immediately twist stomach in knot. Not exactly the highest benchmarks, but Burger King’s nuggets receive an A grade across the board.

Then throw in the $1.49 price and I believe this is currently the best fast food chicken nugget option. If you disagree, let me hear about it and if you think chicken nuggets are the most disgusting food ever and no one should eat them, then how in the world did you survive this far into the post??

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