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The Day I Met BBQ Legend Billy Bones

William “Billy Bones” Wall passed away on October 18th. In terms of his life and accomplishments, I recommend reading both the¬†OurMidland article and this one over on MLive. If you have never heard of Billy Bones before, then you are essentially in the same shoes I was in a few summers ago. I was visiting... Read more »

What if you don't like Halloween?

Halloween has gotten a little too big. I liked Halloween when it lived in the shadows of Thanksgiving and Christmas. When it was ahead of St. Paddy’s Day and Cinco De Mayo, but still comfortably behind the 4th of July in terms of popularity. Now Halloween is all of October. When I was a kid... Read more »

Burger King disrupting the chicken nugget market

Chicken nuggets have always played an important role in the O’Brien household. From age six to 13, I’m pretty sure this was all my brother ate. Middle school/high school I could throw down 20 nuggets easily, split a 50 if necessary. In college my friends and I had the ‘Nug Bug’ a late night impulse... Read more »

how the Serial podcast cleaned my apartment

At our apartment, I do most of the cooking. By ‘most’ I mean all and by ‘cooking’ I mean¬†feeding. Cooking involves recipes and being able to confidently distinguish between the tablespoon vs. teaspoon abbreviation. Feeding involves a 3-5 meal rotation with the most extravagant dish being sloppy joe. I remember in one of our pre-marital... Read more »

Mac N Cheeseburger Recipe

Quick word of advice before you dive any further into this macaroni-n-cheeseburger recipe. From a taste perspective, this is great. From a health perspective, this may be the worst thing you could ever put in your body. From just seeing the photo to your left you may feel the need to take a hot shower.... Read more »

In Defense of the Great Chicago Fire Festival

The Great Chicago Fire Festival should have been awesome. Think about it this way, the current champion of annual Chicago River events is St. Patrick’s Day when we watch 45 lbs of green vegetable dye get dumped into the water. Is this good for the fish? Don’t think about it. Just raise a Guinness, take... Read more »

Pizza Hut Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

If you have watched any NFL game in the last three weeks, chances are you have seen the Blake Shelton Pizza Hut commercial no less than 25 times. The message is simple: Pizza Hut has stuffed bacon and cheese in a crust. Any time bacon is mentioned my ears automatically perk up and I am... Read more »