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College Advice: Freshman Year, How to Live With a Messy (or Clean) Roommate

Freshman year of college, should I room with my best friend from high school? What should I do if my roommate stays up until 3 a.m. every night watching Friends at full volume? I want to keep the dorm room clean but my roommate wants to use pizza boxes as furniture. What should I do? The... Read more »

College Advice: Solving dorm room space conflicts

The average dorm room size is around 12’ x 19’. By the time you add a couple twin beds, a Craigslist couch, and the two campus-provided study desks that end up serving as Facebook kiosks, there really isn’t much real estate left. So, first thing’s first, if the dorm allows it, loft the beds. You’ve... Read more »

College Advice: Freshman year social decisions

Over the next couple weeks, thousands of wide-eyed 18-year-old kids will head off to college for the very first time. Big questions will arise right away. Should I join Greek life? What should I major in? Will my roommate have a snoring problem? Before I try to help with any of these questions, I think... Read more »

Hey kids, stop freaking out and enjoy free stuff

When I was six or seven years old, I went to my soccer team’s annual photo shoot and refused to wear the green side of my reversible jersey. “We always win when we wear the white side,” I said.♦ My argument gained zero steam with my teammates. Every player stuck with green except for me.... Read more »

My nose doesn't really work

My nose is, by and large, the least effective part of my body; which is frustrating because it doesn’t have a very complicated job. Two tasks: Smell things and assist in the breathing process. Compared to the other parts on the face, that is no pressure at all. Eyes and ears were handed the biggest... Read more »