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How to bike to work without turning every car against you

I was sitting on a Divvy bike at the intersection of Kinzie and Absolute Chaos, one of those five street intersections where you just kind of close your eyes and hope for the best. The traffic signals were a red light, a green arrow, and I’m pretty sure a blue question mark. I started pedaling... Read more »

How to politely avoid playing on the work league softball team

Career and workplace advice columns will always suggest getting involved at work, both in and outside of the office. In the summer time, slow pitch softball is one way to do this, and that’s great if you’re the Derek Jeter, Jennie Finch, or Clayton Kershaw at the company. But what if you are terrible at... Read more »

Can a house divided on LeBron James stand?

Now that LeBron James has decided to come back home and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, there is plenty of forgiveness to go around. Fans in Cleveland who once burnt the King’s jersey are now celebrating in the streets. Even here in Chicago, one of the biggest strongholds for anti-LeBron sentiment, we have plenty of... Read more »