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The Chicago Tribune planning to create tablet device for reading news

The Chicago Tribune is planning to work with Samsung to develop a news tablet to deliver news content in a mobile format. According to different sources such as CNN and TechCrunch, The Tribune will hope to release the Android powered device for free or at a reduced price, such as with an agreement with subscription.... Read more »

Recent Adobe Flash innovations for use in future mobile devices

Adobe Flash has come a long way since its beginning. It started as a program for creating animations in an interface that uses a timeline or coding environment for the animation effects in traditional Web sites for PCs only. A powerful tool, Flash garnered a lot of attention in recent years, both good and bad... Read more »

Qualcomm Mirasol display for future E-Readers, tech demo at American Magazine Conference

“Media Tech Connection” had the unique opportunity to preview the exciting upcoming Mirasol E-Reader and tablet display technology developed by Qualcomm on Tuesday, October 5, at the American Magazine Conference. The conference took place at the Fairmont Chicago by Millenium Park in Chicago. The American Magazine Conference is the official annual meeting of the consumer... Read more »

NewsCorp creating national digital newspaper for mobile and tablets

Rupert Murdoch and his NewsCorp are on the move again in an attempt to bring a national newspaper in application format only to tablet computers such as iPad and others. This is an innovative move in an attempt to keep newspapers and their revenue in the green, and NewsCorp has already been shifting to a... Read more »

Mobile app format war and peace

As most people who keep up to date on mobile applications news are fully aware of by now, Adobe and Apple are still not resolving much over allowing each of their technologies, Flash and the iPad or iPhone, to be compatable with each other. Back in April 2010, Apple and Adobe each shared sparring words on their company... Read more »