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All the places my new shoes will take me

This morning I bought a new pair of shoes. Over the weekend I stepped in some dog poop at a neighbor’s party and when I went to clean it off, I noticed there was a hole in the sole so it was time. Those shoes were older than my daughter who turned 3 over the... Read more »

Why I Opted Out Part Two: The Wake Up Call

By the time I started my maternity leave, opting out was the last thing on my mind. I rocked my job. I could build a mean Excel model. I could put out fire drills with the best of them. I was a polished businesswoman who spoke the language of banks, law firms, and management. Even... Read more »

Why I Opted Out Part One: The Workaholic

I have been writing this blog for nearly six months now and while I have written quite a bit about moving halfway across the country, I have yet to really go into detail on the other big move in my life: how I opted out of my finance career. For me, it was a seismic... Read more »

Fathers, you can afford a stay at home mom, but do the math first

Earlier this week, the blog post “Fathers, you can’t afford a Stay-At-Home Mom” went viral and was featured on a segment on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. One of the mysteries of the Internet is why now since this post is dated March 20, almost 3 weeks ago. Anyway, it’s actually a touching post as... Read more »

Top 5 reasons why my career in finance was the best parenting boot camp

I spent most of my twenties in corporate and investment banking training programs, first as an analyst after college then as an associate after business school. At that point in my life, the only thing I ever imagined giving birth to was a spreadsheet. Now I have spent the last half of the thirtysomething years... Read more »