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A college reunion and twenty years of change, processed through the light of the sunset

I just wrapped up a trip back home to New York to attend my college reunion, among other things. In the 4 days I was there I drove hundreds of miles mainly through the hills and valleys of New York but I covered way more emotional terrain than I ever expected. I am not really... Read more »

6 objects on college campuses in the 90s that are still there today

Blue lights/emergency phones. I would have thought these direct lines to campus security would have gone away in this era of smartphone dominance. Guess not.
Thanks to my son’s after school activities these days I have been spending quite a bit of time on college campuses. He takes piano lessons at one local college while his accelerated writing class takes place at another. Plus, college has been on my mind lately as I am coming up on my 20th reunion.... Read more »

Memories triggered by reading my Great Aunt's obituary

Last Monday night my Great Aunt Ethel passed away at the age of 101. More incredible than her age was what she did during those 101 years so I was very interested to read her obituary. I haven’t seen my great aunt in a number of years but I can tell you we have lost one of... Read more »