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The dawn of my daughter's memory is now

When my daughter started talking not that long ago, all her words were in the present tense. “I want juice.” “I want to get up now.” Or my favorite, “I want huggie” she declares before wrapping her entire 25 pound self around me and curling up against my neck. In the past week or so,... Read more »

Things left behind after a move with the last baby

In the year between the big move from Connecticut to Chicago and now from our rental to our forever home, something happened. My little girl graduated from baby to toddler.¬†Instead of taking a few steps then falling, she now jumps and runs. Simple words have replaced her baby babble. She is now a full-fledged little... Read more »

Like mother like daughter at speech therapy

Lately, the best conversations I have are with my 2 year old daughter. You see, until about 4 months ago, she couldn’t even say the word “mommy”. For a while she called me “nonny” but before that, it was just baby babble. Back in the not so far past when MBA Toddler was MBA Baby,... Read more »