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Why I refuse to put my 5-year old in full makeup for her dance recital

Dear dance recital people, Thank you very much for emailing me the costume, hair and makeup requirements for my 5-year old’s dance recital. However I am still struggling with the request to put my little 5-year old girl in full makeup, including “mascara, eye liner, blush and RED lipstick” especially for an Intro Tap and... Read more »

What the hell has happened to Kindergarten?

My daughter is about¬†midway through Kindergarten and all I can say is wow. And not in a good way. Granted as older parents in our mid to late 40s, the oldest parents in the class actually, our view of Kindergarten may be a bit skewed. I started Kindergarten in the fall of 1979 and it... Read more »

Let's stop talking about gorillas and alligators and focus on preventing the dangers more likely to kill your toddler

In the past month it has been impossible to get away from two tragic parenting stories. First there was the 3-year old who slipped into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and now the 2-year old who was dragged underwater by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort. First things first, one child has... Read more »

Do preschool report cards have a purpose?

I just finished unpacking my 3-year old preschooler’s backpack from the school day. It contained the usual, some half-dried watercolor paintings, a form for (yet) another school fundraiser, and a blueberry-stained empty plastic container from snack. But today there was something else.¬†Her preschool report card for the second trimester came home. Report cards in preschool?... Read more »

Why my 3-year old can't hug her friend at preschool today

Let’s talk about reason 1,000,001 why pediatric cancer is awful. One of my daughter’s preschool classmates has leukemia. The good news is she is feeling well enough to attend school again. But there are conditions. And one of those conditions means no hugs. This girl’s treatment means her immune system is compromised. She is fragile... Read more »

Potty training, how I still loathe thee

I think all parents reach a point at which they are sick and tired of talking about poop. Lord knows I have. Sure, the ideal standard when it comes to potty training is to let the child take the lead. Too often I was on the receiving end of that well-meaning piece of advice, “They... Read more »

Giving thanks to my daughter's speech therapist and other strangers who bear gifts

Aside from getting ready for Thanksgiving, it’s a big week around here because my daughter is graduating from speech. After a year of weekly speech therapy sessions, she has met her goals and she now has expressive language and letter sounds that a three-year old should have. The transformation has been nothing short of amazing.... Read more »

Potty training, how I loathe thee

I am typing very quickly today because the clock is already ticking. Just a few minutes ago my 3-year old daughter ran hurriedly, cross-legged into the bathroom. Yes, we’re in the full throes of potty training. I am supposed to embrace it, right? Freedom from diapers is a major parenting milestone and a huge step... Read more »

To my daughter on her first day of preschool

Today you start preschool. It is a day that was coming since the day you were born and I will be honest this day, the day you graduate from toddler to preschooler has caused me a bit of sadness. However, I now rightly realize this is not about me. This is all about you. So,... Read more »

A Knot-style review of a toddler birthday party

Last weekend I hosted my daughter’s birthday party. Thanks to a move and myriad other circumstances, at age 3 this was the first party we had for her that involved more than the four of us. We had a nice little Minnie Mouse themed party and our house was filled with neighbors and their children.... Read more »