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8 bribes to use on my son to keep the Santa secret for his little sister

He hasn’t told me outright but I am pretty sure my 8 year old son knows the deal with Santa, you know, that he’s not real. He’s a bright kid who is more than capable of putting two and two together but if he hasn’t figured it out on his own I know the fourth... Read more »

Contrary to what you read in HuffPost, it really does matter if your child is gifted

Yesterday HuffPost published this piece from Farrah Alexander’s blog titled, “Maybe My Child Is Gifted. Maybe Not. Maybe It Doesn’t Matter”. I was having a great day, spectacular really until I read that piece. The author with such vast knowledge of gifted children that accompanies parenting a 3-year old boldly states, “I just said it... Read more »

To the woman at the pool who watched my 8 year old swim for the first time

Dear kind woman in the yellow hat at the pool today, I cannot thank you enough for your words today as you watched my son swim and float independently in the pool for the first time. You smiled, commended him for doing a great job and then you told me, “There is that summer, you... Read more »

It makes no sense that Illinois dropped PARCC for high school but not for grades 3 through 8

On Monday the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) eliminated the requirement for high school students to take the PARCC exam. Instead high school juniors will be able to take the SAT free of charge. You can read the ISBE press release here. That’s great if your kid is in high school. One less test... Read more »

The Orlando shooting was the uninvited guest at my son's birthday party

Just like millions of Americans I too woke up to the tragic news out of Orlando Sunday morning. For right or wrong though I temporarily cast the news and associated emotions aside. There were balloons to pick up and party favors to assemble. I had work to do and the clock was ticking, loudly toward... Read more »

So long second grade and the little kid years

I can now count on two hands the number of days that my son can rightfully say he is in second grade. The A to Z countdown is much closer to Z than to A. On deck is third grade and I’m trying to figure out the kinds of pitches that will be thrown to... Read more »

To chest guard or not to chest guard against commotio cordis and other questions parents need to ask youth sports coaches

My son’s first baseball game is next weekend and he is playing on the 8 and under squad this year. The little kid days of T-ball are drifting away and most of the kids will be pitching and catching on their own for the first time. So earlier this week when I read this Chicago... Read more »

My 7-year old son's R-rated road trip

Last Thursday, the fifth graders at my son’s elementary school were on the receiving end of the health and human development presentation otherwise known as the sex talk. I suppose the school was hoping that by giving the talk right before a 10 day long spring break any and all questions would be directed at... Read more »

What the Northern Iowa-Texas A&M game taught my son about miracles

If you don’t do anything else today, watch this clip I pulled off YouTube from the incredible final minute of last night’s Northern Iowa-Texas A&M round of 32 game in the NCAA tournament. Even if you saw it live last night, watch it again anyway. My 7-year old son plays basketball so naturally he has... Read more »

Will this be the last year my son believes in Santa?

Over the weekend my son’s school held its annual winter carnival. We ate cookies, drank hot chocolate, listened to carolers and bought some books and crafts. We were headed for the door when I scooped up my 3 year old daughter and asked my son if he was ready to go. Instead, he tugged my... Read more »