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How going to the gym made me feel good today

Sometimes in my life it may feel like I have to look far and wide for something to make me feel special. So much gets lost in the routine of my days, especially lately. My husband comes and goes, a ship to be passed occasionally as he sets sail on business trips and myriad work... Read more »

My day is actually harder when my husband works from home

Today my husband is working from home. The cold he acquired on our trip last month never really went away and two doctors visits later, he is still struggling a bit. Even if he weren’t constantly coughing, from time to time he is able to work from home. He is grateful that his new job... Read more »

On Facebook, lilacs are more interesting than my husband

A couple of months ago, one of my husband’s research reports on a household name he covers was picked up by Reuters and he was quoted in the article. He was excited to have a broader audience for his work and I was proud of him, so much so I posted about it on Facebook.... Read more »