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Gaining transferable job skills at the school Science Olympiad

Since staying at home I have volunteered for a variety of school events and the other night I served as a parent facilitator at MBA Son’s elementary school Science Olympiad. Specifically, I helped kindergartners and first graders conduct two science experiments:  one was comparing the interaction between food coloring drops and a cup of water,... Read more »

Every picture tells a story on LinkedIn

Or does it? In order to increase my chances of job search success, I knew I had to bolster my social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn. I created my LinkedIn profile a few years ago but did very little with it. I had maybe a dozen connections and virtually all were classmates from business school... Read more »

Top 5 reasons why my career in finance was the best parenting boot camp

I spent most of my twenties in corporate and investment banking training programs, first as an analyst after college then as an associate after business school. At that point in my life, the only thing I ever imagined giving birth to was a spreadsheet. Now I have spent the last half of the thirtysomething years... Read more »

Wardrobe Malfunction: Finding Professional Attire Postpartum and Beyond

When I decided that it was time to resume the job search, for paid work that is, I knew I needed a new suit. These days my wardrobe consists mainly of worn New York Giants shirts and yoga pants. I bought my last suit almost 10 years ago. I still have it. It was the... Read more »

Sweet New Home Chicago

When I was 11 years old, I took my very first trip to New York City on a Girl Scout field trip to see the Radio City Christmas Show. I believe it is something every child should see at least once but I digress. The next day my uncle asked me about the trip. My... Read more »