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7 life lessons teens learn at summer jobs

Over the past several years it seems that fewer teens have been working at summer jobs and published research from the Pew Research Center supports this disappointing trend. According to this piece less than a third or 31.3% of teens held a summer job in 2015. Not only is it disappointing from an economic standpoint but... Read more »

Whether it's the NFL Combine or the job search, there is a home for everyone

My 7-year old son spent quite a bit of time last weekend watching the NFL Combine on TV. The NFL Combine is an invite-only skills competition where the best college football players who are entering the NFL draft are grouped together by position and run various drills in front of NFL scouts, coaches and managers. These... Read more »

Pros and cons of back to work child care options

Two months ago I went through two rounds of interviews with a company in the city. While that opportunity didn’t work out, it was a reminder of how quickly the new job process can move. This means all of my ducks need to be in order before I get that offer letter. The biggest duck... Read more »

New Year's resolutions for the job search

The upcoming new year is the time to reflect on the year that was and to plan for the year that will be. I think this is especially true for the job search which I admit certainly can be trying at times so the new year offers the perfect opportunity to inject hope into your... Read more »

Thoughts while sitting in reception before my interview

It is 1:23 p.m. I am sitting in the lobby reception area outside the company where I have a 1:30 p.m. interview with the hiring manager. I gave my name to the receptionist and I am now waiting, waiting, waiting. I’ve been here maybe one minute already which is long enough to know the next... Read more »

The hardest part of interview prep is becoming reacquainted with myself

On Monday, a recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and before I knew it by Tuesday afternoon I had a phone interview. Yes, that was quick but that’s how the recruiters roll. I have a standard checklist I run through in order to get ready for a phone interview like this. The two most... Read more »

7 networking tips for those afraid of networking

One of my first tasks in the new job search is confronting the fear of networking. We know how important it is in the job search process, critical really. Still, I tend to be introverted so the idea of talking with strangers with the intention of asking for a job doesn’t sit well with me.... Read more »

5 reasons why blogging is just like work

As a mom who has opted-out, I have been discovering the various similarities between blogging and full-time, 9-to-whenever employment. You know, the work you actually get paid for. To clarify, many bloggers get paid to blog but I am not one of them. My payment is the opportunity to share my love of writing with... Read more »

Keep Calm and Look Young in the job search

Now that the weather has finally warmed up here, I ran into Binny’s the other day to grab a bottle of white wine for Memorial Day weekend. The cashier took a look at me and asked me if I had ID. I am at the age at which I usually don’t get carded plus MBA... Read more »

Quelle surprise: the best advice I ever received came from 10th grade French class

As I dust off the list of potential job interview questions and answers, the best piece of advice I ever received came from an unlikely place: 10th grade French class. I had one barrier in the way before departing to Belgium the summer after sophomore year as a foreign exchange student: the French Regents exam.... Read more »