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A mile from Ground Zero, my story about 9/11

Seasons come and seasons go and a painful but necessary part of the change of season from summer to fall now includes remembering 9/11. The calendar doesn’t need to tell me 9/11 is approaching. All I have to do is turn on the TV and look at the guide which is now filled with shows... Read more »

On the eve of the Tony Awards, I am thankful for "Hamilton: An American Musical"

I am inordinately fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to see “Hamilton: An American Musical” last week during my trip to New York. It only seemed fitting. Right before the show opened on Broadway last year I wrote this piece¬†stating my support for Hamilton remaining on our currency. Aside from that, as someone... Read more »

Setting the record straight on Sports Authority store closures

Earlier today I read a few stories that indicated Sports Authority might be changing up its game plan in bankruptcy. The original plan when the retail chain initially filed for Chapter 11 in March was they were going to close about 150 stores including a few in the Chicago area but remain open as a... Read more »

Why I Opted Out Part Two: The Wake Up Call

By the time I started my maternity leave, opting out was the last thing on my mind. I rocked my job. I could build a mean Excel model. I could put out fire drills with the best of them. I was a polished businesswoman who spoke the language of banks, law firms, and management. Even... Read more »

Why I Opted Out Part One: The Workaholic

I have been writing this blog for nearly six months now and while I have written quite a bit about moving halfway across the country, I have yet to really go into detail on the other big move in my life: how I opted out of my finance career. For me, it was a seismic... Read more »

Is replacing Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill our best option?

On Wednesday the Treasury Department announced Alexander Hamilton will be replaced by a yet to be named woman as the main image on the $10 bill. The image change is part of a planned redesign of the $10 bill and will be put into circulation in 2020. I am fighting an internal battle on this... Read more »

College honor codes matter more than ever

Yesterday, the Washington Post’s “PostEverything” section featured an article called “Why colleges should ditch honor codes”¬†written by blogger and parent Susan H. Greenberg. Her view is “honor codes stifle collaboration and encourage cheating” and comes in the wake of a scandal in a large introductory computer science course at Stanford University over winter quarter. Over... Read more »

An ode to Suze Orman on her series finale

MBA Dad and I are finance geeks so for the past decade we have spent countless Saturday nights watching Chicago’s own Suze Orman. Between moving, keeping up with MBA Son and MBA Toddler, managing two houses, and now, moving again, the business of life has taken over for the past several months so last Saturday... Read more »