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How to survive a Cubs game at Wrigley Field with the kids

Tuesday night we took the kids out to the Friendly Confines to watch the Cubs beat crush the LA Angels in person, not on TV. I believe one memory every child should have before growing up is a trip to the ballpark to watch a live MLB game. But beliefs have a price, and I’m... Read more »

Yes, I made my gifted second grader do homework over Thanksgiving break

I sent my second grader back to school today after being home since last Tuesday afternoon. His Thanksgiving memories consist of turkey, dressing, lots of pumpkin pie, a visit from grandma and his second cousins, a trip to the Field Museum…and computer homework and piano practice. It’s true. I made him do unassigned homework over... Read more »

6 objects on college campuses in the 90s that are still there today

Blue lights/emergency phones. I would have thought these direct lines to campus security would have gone away in this era of smartphone dominance. Guess not.
Thanks to my son’s after school activities these days I have been spending quite a bit of time on college campuses. He takes piano lessons at one local college while his accelerated writing class takes place at another. Plus, college has been on my mind lately as I am coming up on my 20th reunion.... Read more »

My survival kit for a visit to the Shedd Aquarium

It took us a year but this past weekend we finally got the kids to the Shedd Aquarium. I am surprised it took us this long since the first thing we usually scope out in a new city is the aquarium. Some of the ones we have visited over the past couple of years include... Read more »

Why I am not planning to attend the Blackhawks parade and rally

My little family was really excited when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on Monday night. Even my husband who has never really been into sports got hooked on playoff fever around here. My newly-minted 7 year old was jumping up and down with me 10 PM Monday night, even with my light sleeper of... Read more »

Mommy is becoming an 80s cover band groupie

One of the aspects of living in Chicagoland I have enjoyed the most so far is easy access to all the outdoor festivals. Every weekend there seems to be something going on somewhere. And I am really loving it! I have a confession to make. The real reason I like to go is to check... Read more »

Takeaways from taking the kids to the Elmhurst St. Patrick's Day Parade

This weekend we didn’t have to venture very far from home for cheap, old-fashioned family fun: the 19th annual Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I believe the last parade we went to was the annual balloon parade in our old town before MBA Toddler was born. Today’s parade was free and quite possibly even better,... Read more »

Why I took my 6 year old to the Chicago Symphony

A while back, I was thinking of fun, indoor winter activities in the city for my 6 year old so I started looking at the Chicago Symphony schedule. No, I am not crazy.  I actually did think an afternoon of classical music would be good for MBA Son. At least that’s what I initially thought.... Read more »