Once upon a time, in the faraway land of New York, I earned a MBA and used to work 9 to 5, 9 AM to 5 AM that is, as an investment banking associate. A few years later, I moved to corporate finance and worked 9 AM to 9 PM for several years. Then MBA Dad came along, then MBA Boy. Once MBA Toddler was born 2 years ago I left full-time paid work and started my full-time unpaid job of staying home with my children in suburban NYC.

My plan was always to go back to paid work so about a year ago I started taking baby steps (no pun intended!) towards that goal. I met with a recruiter, started taking a class to brush up on some skills, got in touch with former co-workers and even agreed to do some financial modeling work. Then, on the same day I received the consulting agreement for my new job, MBA Dad accepted a job offer here in Chicago. I dropped out of my class, told everyone (including my new boss) we were moving, and sold our house while MBA Dad was already 1000 miles away. Oh, the things we do for love, so the old 10cc song goes.

So, here I am! There is so much to learn about this really cool place and not just about the job search, where to take the kids, or where to find furnishings for our newly-purchased western suburb home but finding other essentials for me, such as coffee, wine and chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday. I am also a classic rock junkie who strictly adheres to a self-imposed no toddler tunes rule in the car.

I don’t know where my journey will lead but it will be great to have some company along the way. Maybe you are also a parent engaged in a job search. Maybe you are a parent thinking about a job search. Maybe you are a parent. Maybe you are looking for a new blog to read. No matter the reason that draws you here, I hope we generate some great discussions, learn and maybe even laugh together.

You can like me on Facebook at MBA Mom and my email is mbamomchicago@gmail.com