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How going to the gym made me feel good today

Sometimes in my life it may feel like I have to look far and wide for something to make me feel special. So much gets lost in the routine of my days, especially lately. My husband comes and goes, a ship to be passed occasionally as he sets sail on business trips and myriad work... Read more »

The lonely kid in the cafeteria meme gets it all wrong. Intelligence and kindness are not mutually exclusive

Over the past couple of days I keep coming back to this quote from that wonderful movie “The Help”: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Viola Davis’s character says it over and over to a young girl of maybe 2. What a simple, empowering message and it makes perfect sense. Who wouldn’t... Read more »

A mile from Ground Zero, my story about 9/11

Seasons come and seasons go and a painful but necessary part of the change of season from summer to fall now includes remembering 9/11. The calendar doesn’t need to tell me 9/11 is approaching. All I have to do is turn on the TV and look at the guide which is now filled with shows... Read more »

The world will not end if I do not attend my daughter's back to school night

My children attend two different schools and this year the calendar gods determined that their back to school nights had to be scheduled on the same night. The two schools are within walking distance of each other and I know there are several families in the same situation we are in who have children in... Read more »