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To the woman at the pool who watched my 8 year old swim for the first time

Dear kind woman in the yellow hat at the pool today, I cannot thank you enough for your words today as you watched my son swim and float independently in the pool for the first time. You smiled, commended him for doing a great job and then you told me, “There is that summer, you... Read more »

It makes no sense that Illinois dropped PARCC for high school but not for grades 3 through 8

On Monday the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) eliminated the requirement for high school students to take the PARCC exam. Instead high school juniors will be able to take the SAT free of charge. You can read the ISBE press release here. That’s great if your kid is in high school. One less test... Read more »

7 life lessons teens learn at summer jobs

Over the past several years it seems that fewer teens have been working at summer jobs and published research from the Pew Research Center supports this disappointing trend. According to┬áthis piece less than a third or 31.3% of teens held a summer job in 2015. Not only is it disappointing from an economic standpoint but... Read more »