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Let's stop talking about gorillas and alligators and focus on preventing the dangers more likely to kill your toddler

In the past month it has been impossible to get away from two tragic parenting stories. First there was the 3-year old who slipped into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and now the 2-year old who was dragged underwater by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort. First things first, one child has... Read more »

The Orlando shooting was the uninvited guest at my son's birthday party

Just like millions of Americans I too woke up to the tragic news out of Orlando Sunday morning. For right or wrong though I temporarily cast the news and associated emotions aside. There were balloons to pick up and party favors to assemble. I had work to do and the clock was ticking, loudly toward... Read more »

On the eve of the Tony Awards, I am thankful for "Hamilton: An American Musical"

I am inordinately fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to see “Hamilton: An American Musical” last week during my trip to New York. It only seemed fitting. Right before the show opened on Broadway last year I wrote this piece┬ástating my support for Hamilton remaining on our currency. Aside from that, as someone... Read more »

A college reunion and twenty years of change, processed through the light of the sunset

I just wrapped up a trip back home to New York to attend my college reunion, among other things. In the 4 days I was there I drove hundreds of miles mainly through the hills and valleys of New York but I covered way more emotional terrain than I ever expected. I am not really... Read more »