Selling a not-so-fresh smelling house? Try these quick and easy tricks before your showings

Based on all the new “For Sale” signs I see popping up in the neighborhood, it looks like we are heading into prime real estate selling season. It reminds me of when we listed our New York City area home nearly two years ago.

I do think one of the keys to success to our quick sale were a few hacks I used to get the house smelling pretty for showings. Some homes smell not so nice for various reasons and while most are within your control, some are not.

I want to emphasize there is no substitute for showing a clean, organized home. These tricks are merely complimentary to make your home the best it can be for a prospective buyer.

I will also share three tricks that I would stay away from, even the the first is very commonly recommended. I’ll give you a hint, it involves an oven.

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