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So long second grade and the little kid years

I can now count on two hands the number of days that my son can rightfully say he is in second grade. The A to Z countdown is much closer to Z than to A. On deck is third grade and I’m trying to figure out the kinds of pitches that will be thrown to... Read more »

Selling a not-so-fresh smelling house? Try these quick and easy tricks before your showings

1. Swiffer Wet Jet, lavender vanilla scent. This was my favorite go-to trick and the best part is you don't have to sweep each floor in its entirety. Right before you leave the house, just give a few squirts on the floor nearest your entrances and swiff away. The scent is very pleasant and not overpowering at all, it hangs lightly in the air.
Based on all the new “For Sale” signs I see popping up in the neighborhood, it looks like we are heading into prime real estate selling season. It reminds me of when we listed our New York City area home nearly two years ago. I do think one of the keys to success to our... Read more »

For those dealing with infertility on Mother's Day, you are not forgotten

Infertility and Mother’s Day do not mix. No matter where you are in your journey, that maze you are wandering through which clouds your path to motherhood, whether your time and thoughts are caught up in the busyness of treatment cycles or you have suffered through failed cycles and/or miscarriage, we dread that second Sunday... Read more »

6 questions I have after watching the JetBlue "FlyBabies" video

You may have seen this video that JetBlue put together as part of a new campaign released ahead of Mother’s Day called ¬†JetBlue “FlyBabies”. To the airline’s credit they are sensitive to the increasing negativity out there for parents traveling with babies and young children. Parents just like me. In the video, JetBlue profiles a... Read more »

Setting the record straight on Sports Authority store closures

Earlier today I read a few stories that indicated Sports Authority might be changing up its game plan in bankruptcy. The original plan when the retail chain initially filed for Chapter 11 in March was they were going to close about 150 stores including a few in the Chicago area but remain open as a... Read more »