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What pregnancy after infertility feels like

What happened when a nurse from the fertility clinic called to tell me I was finally pregnant? First things first, I did the happy dance of all happy dances. This is what my husband and I had hoped and dreamed of before and during infertility treatment including 3 IUIs, 4 IVF cycles and the last-ditch... Read more »

The Clinic, a post for National Infertility Awareness Week

We never expected to be here. Sitting in the waiting room, accompanied by those magazines with covers like “Kim K wardrobe malfunction, get the exclusive details here,” surrounded by other couples, all of our faces looking down. Growing up the message I got, whether at home or elsewhere was, “Don’t get pregnant!” I didn’t need... Read more »

On Prince: Today is my son's December 9, 1980

My son’s childhood has become a little less childlike. I know this because Prince died earlier today. Prince, the superstar icon from my 1980’s childhood, the one who added the color, the florescence to the 80s. It wasn’t just the purple from Purple Rain. Remember watching the video to “Raspberry Beret”? The colors in that... Read more »

I hate running but I signed up for a 5K that isn't for charity. Here's why

My son’s school is participating in Girls on the Run and I’ve been volunteering this spring. If you haven’t heard of it, Girls on the Run is a wonderful after-school program targeted at tween girls that encourages confidence and empowerment in their day-to-day lives. Yes, there is running but there is so much more. I... Read more »

To chest guard or not to chest guard against commotio cordis and other questions parents need to ask youth sports coaches

My son’s first baseball game is next weekend and he is playing on the 8 and under squad this year. The little kid days of T-ball are drifting away and most of the kids will be pitching and catching on their own for the first time. So earlier this week when I read this Chicago... Read more »

Scenes from a Chicagoland suburban staycation

Monday we took the kids over to Fox Bowl in Wheaton. With some help from daddy, even the 3-year old downed enough pins to almost beat me.
Last week was Spring Break for my children. Since an Easter road trip to Cincinnati comprised the first three days, we decided to take it easy and make a little staycation out of the rest of the time around Chicagoland. That doesn’t mean we sat home and did nothing. Okay, maybe that was true the... Read more »