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Finding beauty in numbers

English is my first language, but my second language is numbers. Early on in school I noticed the fear others around me had when it came to numbers or math. They ran away from them. They wanted to read, to draw to do anything really other than math worksheets. I didn’t understand the fear, the... Read more »

My 7-year old son's R-rated road trip

Last Thursday, the fifth graders at my son’s elementary school were on the receiving end of the health and human development presentation otherwise known as the sex talk. I suppose the school was hoping that by giving the talk right before a 10 day long spring break any and all questions would be directed at... Read more »

Would I let my children spend the summer in Brussels?

Twenty six years ago this week I received plane tickets for my trip to Belgium where I was going to spend the summer as a foreign exchange student. This was back in the days when you went to a travel agent for plane tickets which were printed on long index cards with magnetic stripes on... Read more »

What the Northern Iowa-Texas A&M game taught my son about miracles

If you don’t do anything else today, watch this clip I pulled off YouTube from the incredible final minute of last night’s Northern Iowa-Texas A&M round of 32 game in the NCAA tournament. Even if you saw it live last night, watch it again anyway. My 7-year old son plays basketball so naturally he has... Read more »

A week with two sick children by the numbers

This week has been a rough one. From Sunday through Thursday either a really bad cold or a very mild flu plagued our home infiltrating every crevice and taking my two children as victims along the way. Fevers have broken and coughs have abated but this evil virus has left weakened children, a messy home... Read more »

10 travel tips for flying with kids over spring break

It’s hard not to think spring with the warmer weather in Chicagoland plus my kids are a little over two weeks away from spring break. But hey, who’s counting? Now that I am a two hour flight away from family, I’ve earned enough wings to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to... Read more »

Do preschool report cards have a purpose?

I just finished unpacking my 3-year old preschooler’s backpack from the school day. It contained the usual, some half-dried watercolor paintings, a form for (yet) another school fundraiser, and a blueberry-stained empty plastic container from snack. But today there was something else.┬áHer preschool report card for the second trimester came home. Report cards in preschool?... Read more »

Whether it's the NFL Combine or the job search, there is a home for everyone

My 7-year old son spent quite a bit of time last weekend watching the NFL Combine on TV.┬áThe NFL Combine is an invite-only skills competition where the best college football players who are entering the NFL draft are grouped together by position and run various drills in front of NFL scouts, coaches and managers. These... Read more »