Throwing a Super Bowl party is proof I am settling into my new home

Earlier this evening I did something I have never done in my 41 years. My husband and I threw a Super Bowl party.

super bowl balloons

Now, we bought a house with a bar. I think even the MLS listing had a description to the effect of, “Love Super Bowl? Then this is your house!” So, sure, we have been thinking about throwing a party for some time now but being the new kids on the block, we didn’t know who to invite. Our families are a thousand miles away.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to go further than my son’s school directory.

It finally occurred to me that several of the kids in his class live in our neighborhood. Thing is, when you are knee deep in the day-to-day with two young children, something so simple as venturing outside becomes an elusive goal most days, so it’s easy to forget that so many live so close, especially in the winter when most of the neighborhood seems to hibernate.

I will be honest. I felt very nervous when I clicked on “send” on the Evite for the party. Aside from a few school and sport events, I didn’t really know any of these people. And they didn’t know me. My fear that no one would attend our party started to be validated when the first few responses I received were all “no”.

Fortunately that changed. One initial no turned into a yes and there were several last minute, very welcome yes responses.

Next thing I knew we had 17 children in our house tonight.

By no means are we party throwing veterans. We never threw parties in our Connecticut home. I think I can count on one hand how many we had in the 10 years we were in our tiny Cape Cod house. When my daughter was christened we had family over and people were spilling out of the house.

So we had to dust off our party cobwebs and figure out what to get and how much. Chicken wings, check. Pizza, check. Chili, check. Beer, check. I think I overdid it on the chicken wings though. I ordered 6 dozen for a group of 30. I guess 1 and 2 year olds don’t eat chicken wings. Oops. I also have four of those large party size cookies as that seemed to be the popular hostess gift. Still, better to be overweight on food rather than underweight. At least I won’t have to cook all week. But Lent starts this week. On Tuesday we’ll be eating frosted cookies instead of Paczkis.

More important than party food was I got to spend more time chatting with neighbors. In fact, the great irony of having a Super Bowl party is no one watches the game. I don’t think we needed the TV. I watched maybe a handful of plays and usually I am glued to the screen for big games. I can’t recall any of the commercials, but I can tell you the pros and cons of various babysitters in the neighborhood, and whose office did a Super Bowl pool, or not. We did watch halftime though.

Next year for Super Bowl you know where I will be. I am pretty sure I won’t be alone.

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