Stephen Colbert, please stop asking your guests about having more children

Generally I like “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. I think his writers are the best in all of late night TV and his show is getting stronger with each passing month.

So I was extremely disappointed in Colbert’s choice of a conversation starter last night on his segment with Amanda Peet. The star of the HBO show “Togetherness” was already battling a bad cough but she also had to battle Colbert’s questions on her family size.

After showing a segment from the show in which she clearly has her hands full with a baby and young child, they talked a little about Peet’s 3 children, including her one year old son.

“Are you going to go for a fourth?” Colbert asked. “You’re already in zone defense.”

Then he actually asks again, “Why don’t you go for a fourth?”

I love Peet’s response. “No! I’m 44 years old!” She tried to keep it short and simple but he kept going even though she should not have been put in the position to answer that question.

It doesn’t matter how many children you have or don’t have, how old or young you are, if you’re Catholic or not, or if you’re a celebrity or not. Why does asking about more children keep coming up as a conversation starter? It’s just inappropriate.

Interesting enough, the first few minutes of her 7 minute appearance which included her show clip and this conversation were not included on the 4:29 video segment released on the Late Show’s official YouTube channel. Did they think her husband’s job is more important than her own? You can see the entire segment on here or on CBS On Demand if you prefer cable.


You know how I feel about people asking about more children as a conversation starter. Read about the time Santa told my 3-year old to ask for a new brother or sister for Christmas. That post is here.

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