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Gifted and talented article roundup February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Here are some of the articles I have come across in the gifted and talented space during the month of February. “Can boredom cause behavior problems in school?” by Carol Bainbridge. This Q&A format article, addresses a common observation among parents of gifted children, that these children are often bored which is... Read more »

Chrissy Teigen, choices and the dark side of IVF

Chrissy Teigen is one brave supermodel. She publicly announced that her current pregnancy was a result of IVF treatment. She even talked about undergoing treatment during her most recent Sports Illustrated shoot and how she covered up her injection bruises with makeup. She also went one step further and announced that she selected the gender... Read more »

Stephen Colbert, please stop asking your guests about having more children

Generally I like “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. I think his writers are the best in all of late night TV and his show is getting stronger with each passing month. So I was extremely disappointed in Colbert’s choice of a conversation starter last night on his segment with Amanda Peet. The star of... Read more »

Pros and cons of back to work child care options

Two months ago I went through two rounds of interviews with a company in the city. While that opportunity didn’t work out, it was a reminder of how quickly the new job process can move. This means all of my ducks need to be in order before I get that offer letter. The biggest duck... Read more »

Why my 3-year old can't hug her friend at preschool today

Let’s talk about reason 1,000,001 why pediatric cancer is awful. One of my daughter’s preschool classmates has leukemia. The good news is she is feeling well enough to attend school again. But there are conditions. And one of those conditions means no hugs. This girl’s treatment means her immune system is compromised. She is fragile... Read more »

Dad's excuse for Bruce Springsteen concert goes viral and raises the question of which school absences are not okay

By now you may have seen this note from a father in upstate New York. Earlier this week he took his daughter to see Bruce Springsteen at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY. His concerts are known for running late, so she was late to school the next day.¬†At least dad was honest. This... Read more »

Valentine's Day is the new Halloween

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and since it falls on a Sunday this year, both my children will have their Valentine’s Day parties in school on Friday. For weeks now I have been sitting on class lists and boxed cards. One part about Valentine’s Day that hasn’t changed from my elementary school days is the... Read more »

Throwing a Super Bowl party is proof I am settling into my new home

Earlier this evening I did something I have never done in my 41 years. My husband and I threw a Super Bowl party. Now, we bought a house with a bar. I think even the MLS listing had a description to the effect of, “Love Super Bowl? Then this is your house!” So, sure, we... Read more »

My aversion to Chicago pizza has nothing to do with being from New York

Now that I have lived here almost a year and a half, the question I am asked most often after, “Do you like it here?” the answer to which is an emphatic yes, is, “Which do you like better, Chicago pizza or New York pizza?” I have to say it’s New York style. You know,... Read more »