Gifted and talented article roundup January 2016

Here is my first installment of the roundup in 2016 so this is what I have been reading in the gifted and talented space this  month.

“How parents of talented children hold the line between supporting and pushing” by Robyn Gearey.  I liked this article so much I featured it on my Facebook page when it was published in mid-January. Parents with profoundly gifted children, whether it’s academics, a sport or musical talent know how demanding it is to advance their talents and have them perform at the highest level so this article discusses ways to cope with those demands.

“How to raise a creative child. Step one: back off” by Adam Grant. This New York Times piece explains a theory as to why child prodigies who excel as children rarely fulfill their potential as adults. Here is a big hint, “If you want your children to bring original ideas into the world, you need to let them pursue their passions, not yours.”

“Why gifted children can slip through the cracks” by Erin Croyle. This article sheds more light on something I discovered firsthand earlier in the school year: that the lack of a standardized testing protocol for identifying gifted students administered to every student means some who are truly gifted are left behind. If you missed that post you can read it here.

“Tips for Parents: Finding a Summer Program, 2016 update” by the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. Even though we are barely halfway through winter, it is not too early to plan for summer programs. This guide provides questions to think about as you research programs and a list of programs ideally suited for gifted students.

Finally, this isn’t a piece but a heads-up on a weekly series discussing various gifted and talented topics. Join #gtchat on Twitter each Tuesday night at 8 PM EST/7PM CST. This Tuesday (2/2), author Jade Rivera will discuss microschools. If you miss it, transcripts are available following the event. For an idea of what to expect, here is the tweet-by-tweet replay from last week’s chat on the gifted identification process.

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