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Gifted and talented article roundup October 2015

I think it can be difficult to find a summary of current posts, articles, research, you name it on gifted and talented education in one place. As a result I am hoping to close this gap with this monthly feature that I really hope will gain some traction. So, here is what I have been... Read more »

All the places my new shoes will take me

This morning I bought a new pair of shoes. Over the weekend I stepped in some dog poop at a neighbor’s party and when I went to clean it off, I noticed there was a hole in the sole so it was time. Those shoes were older than my daughter who turned 3 over the... Read more »

Thoughts while sitting in reception before my interview

It is 1:23 p.m. I am sitting in the lobby reception area outside the company where I have a 1:30 p.m. interview with the hiring manager. I gave my name to the receptionist and I am now waiting, waiting, waiting. I’ve been here maybe one minute already which is long enough to know the next... Read more »

6 objects on college campuses in the 90s that are still there today

Blue lights/emergency phones. I would have thought these direct lines to campus security would have gone away in this era of smartphone dominance. Guess not.
Thanks to my son’s after school activities these days I have been spending quite a bit of time on college campuses. He takes piano lessons at one local college while his accelerated writing class takes place at another. Plus, college has been on my mind lately as I am coming up on my 20th reunion.... Read more »

The hardest part of interview prep is becoming reacquainted with myself

On Monday, a recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and before I knew it by Tuesday afternoon I had a phone interview. Yes, that was quick but that’s how the recruiters roll. I have a standard checklist I run through in order to get ready for a phone interview like this. The two most... Read more »

7 networking tips for those afraid of networking

One of my first tasks in the new job search is confronting the fear of networking. We know how important it is in the job search process, critical really. Still, I tend to be introverted so the idea of talking with strangers with the intention of asking for a job doesn’t sit well with me.... Read more »

5 ways tone deaf parents can help their children learn a musical instrument

My 7-year old son has been taking piano lessons since the age of 4. The music teacher at his preschool noticed his interest in music and suggested that he start lessons. I was both excited for him and terrified for me. How on Earth could I help him? I never took an instrument so I... Read more »