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Enough with pumpkin spice flavored everything in August

Today is August 30. Technically it’s still summer. In fact, it isn’t even Labor Day yet. I can still wear white pants or skirts according to the fashion police, etiquette protocol or whoever dictates these things. The summer date on the calendar hasn’t stopped the food companies from rolling out the fall foods. We’re having... Read more »

I need a Shut Down button

This is a Blogapalooz submission for August. Each month the ChicagoNow bloggers are challenged with a topic and have exactly one hour to write and publish. Tonight’s topic is write about sleep and the impact it has on your life now or at any point in your life. When my children were newborns, the one... Read more »

Giving my children space on the first day of school

Today my son started second grade at a new school. It was also his first time taking the bus to and from school so it was a big day for both of us. Of course I had a million questions about his first day of school. Who did he sit with on the bus? What... Read more »

What is your tornado preparedness plan?

On Tuesday we had an unexpected outbreak of severe weather here in Chicagoland. Sometimes we are fortunate to get a couple of days heads up but then again, it is the weather so you really never know when or where these storms will strike. I have been lucky so far this year during these severe... Read more »

Someday I will have fun at the pool again

Between the recent hot, humid weather in Chicagoland and my son’s swimming lessons, I have been spending quite a bit of time at the pool. Ah, the pool. That mix of sun, sunscreen and chlorine combining to create that uniquely identifiable summer smell, the music, the lifeguards hanging out, normally a fun and relaxing place,... Read more »

I'm 41 going on 14, making new friends all over again

It’s back to school time for my kids. My daughter will be going to preschool for the first time and my son will start second grade at a new school. They get to press the reset button and everything will be new once again: teachers, routines, friends. Same for me. I feel like I am... Read more »

My survival kit for a visit to the Shedd Aquarium

It took us a year but this past weekend we finally got the kids to the Shedd Aquarium. I am surprised it took us this long since the first thing we usually scope out in a new city is the aquarium. Some of the ones we have visited over the past couple of years include... Read more »

Rocking the cradle: 5 classic rock artists who became dads after age 60

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>1. Eric Clapton. He welcomed daughter Sophie in early 2005 right before his 60th birthday. I wonder if she has her father's eyes.
Earlier today it was announced Billy Joel and his wife welcomed a new baby girl in New York this morning. At age 66, he joins a distinguished list of his classic rock peers who also became fathers later in life. Now, I was a month shy of my 38th birthday when I gave birth to... Read more »

Why I Opted Out Part Two: The Wake Up Call

By the time I started my maternity leave, opting out was the last thing on my mind. I rocked my job. I could build a mean Excel model. I could put out fire drills with the best of them. I was a polished businesswoman who spoke the language of banks, law firms, and management. Even... Read more »

Why I Opted Out Part One: The Workaholic

I have been writing this blog for nearly six months now and while I have written quite a bit about moving halfway across the country, I have yet to really go into detail on the other big move in my life: how I opted out of my finance career. For me, it was a seismic... Read more »