The dawn of my daughter's memory is now

When my daughter started talking not that long ago, all her words were in the present tense. “I want juice.” “I want to get up now.” Or my favorite, “I want huggie” she declares before wrapping her entire 25 pound self around me and curling up against my neck.

In the past week or so, I have noticed a very distinct change. She has started talking about the past. She is remembering now.


Her world has gone from black to living color. Her memory is awakening, just like the dawn of a new day, a new life. Her life.

And how rich that color is. How vibrant her new memories are.

Before life with her was easier. She told, or tried to tell me anyway, what she needed and I took care of it. End of story.

Now, memories are a little trickier. They can entertain, they can be happy. “I went to big brother’s birthday party and rode on the doggie and the horsie!” It was actually his friend’s birthday party but we’ll let that slide. It was at the Enchanted Castle and clearly those overpriced, germ-laden arcade animals made an impression. She tells me this story every day with a huge smile on her face. It’s a good memory for her.

But they also can be sad or scary. “Mommy I saw Swamp Monster on Sofia (the First). It scared me.” Usually this is accompanied by a scream. Clearly, this is a bad memory for her. She doesn’t ask for a hug, but I give it to her anyway. Hugs are her security blanket. She needs them. I need to give them to know all is well with her again.

Sometimes her memories make me laugh. “I went poop at the dentist yesterday. It was a brown lump.”

Either way, memories linger. The story doesn’t end. That is the best part.

This is yet one more reminder that she is not a baby anymore. Today she is a toddler but soon she won’t even be that anymore.

Of course, she still tells me what she wants or needs. It’s a very good thing. I couldn’t imagine my life without those hugs. Not now anyway.

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