One year ago today

One year ago today I proudly started calling Chicagoland my home.

036Putting all the belongings accumulated by a growing family for over 10 years into a moving truck longer than most city blocks and transporting them 1000 miles certainly complicated things. Because of that, our move happened in two stages.

Once everything, including my car, was loaded exactly one second before a massive thunderstorm hit on a 95 degree, 100% humidity day, we left Connecticut. That night the kids and I stayed at a hotel pretty much at the end of the runway at LaGuardia before boarding a 7 AM flight to Atlanta. I rented a car to get to my sister’s in Tennessee where we stayed while our things and my car were in transit.  Wheeling my 1-year old around Hartsfield-Jackson and holding her wobbly car seat cart on the Plane Train was an interesting experience. It really was planes, trains and automobiles.

After over a week in Tennessee, I drove back to Atlanta to get our flight to Chicago.

Did I mention carrying a Britax car seat over 32 rows on an airplane with minimal help is a great way to build arm strength?

So we arrived!

062My husband arranged a car service to get the three of us and all of our stuff to our new temporary home. I had to carry everything I didn’t want checked or on the moving truck, which included but was not limited to my laptop, our medications, the just-in-case inhalers for the boy, and important paperwork (think kid’s birth certificates). Plus, oh yeah, clothes and diapers.

I arrived at the house sight unseen. My husband’s second job had become meeting with agents and going to showings for rental houses on nights and weekends. I saw a few pictures he emailed me but that was it.

Due to the state of the rental market in the western suburbs we had to act lightening fast on houses. He toured one home which was quite nice and spacious, but also had standing water in the basement. That night we talked about the potential for mold and what that might mean for the boy’s allergies. That conversation didn’t matter. The house was off the market the next day, flooded basement and all.

I won’t say we arrived here and lived life happily ever after. Not that day anyway. We were tired, we didn’t know where any of our things were, plus there was the girl. I had counted on her napping for part of our afternoon flight, but that didn’t happen. Maybe it was sensory overload, maybe it was the time change coupled with the lack of nap, but around dinnertime she had the mother of all meltdowns. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t even nurse. Twelve hours of sleep after being reunited with her own crib and she was a new baby.

007The happily ever after started the next day. We started exploring, playing in our new town. We traded the YES network for CSN. We bought pretzel rolls by the dozen. I even ate a Chicago hot dog, and loved it even though I abhor raw onions. Slowly the unfamiliar became the familiar. Before moving here, I had no idea what Lou Malnati’s, Goose Island, or Portillo’s were, but now we know and love them. One of them shows up to lunch or dinner once a week. We cheered and screamed the night the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. I even bought a shirt for my son a few days later.

I won’t lie; if I see the Yankees on MLB Network or ESPN game of the week we’re tuning in. After all I was a Gotham girl for a long time. But we love the Cubs now as well. We took the boy to Wrigley Field last Sunday for his first Cubs game. And he was in baseball heaven. He even sang “Go Cubs Go” with all the other 37,000 fans.

So did I. Go Chicago Go.

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