5 reasons why blogging is just like work

As a mom who has opted-out, I have been discovering the various similarities between blogging and full-time, 9-to-whenever employment. You know, the work you actually get paid for. To clarify, many bloggers get paid to blog but I am not one of them. My payment is the opportunity to share my love of writing with you, it’s as simple as that.

Without further ado, here is the list.

1. Some posts are serious projects. This post in particular turned into a major time commitment. Once I came up with the idea, I had to arrange an interview, come up with a list of relevant questions, actually conduct the interview, review the interview audio, write the post, find pictures, obtain permission for the pictures I didn’t take, edit, edit and edit again. The hard work was worth it, and the process reminded me of other cross-functional projects I have managed.

2. Brainstorming, brainstorming, and more brainstorming. At work, I was always dreaming up new projects, things that needed to improve, or possible solutions to various problems. As for blogging, without brainstorming, I would have no content.

3. There is an evaluation process. It’s called the comments section. The big difference is, instead of getting an evaluation every year like at work, you get it on virtually every post. The feedback is both positive and negative constructive.

4. You are not always going to get it right. No one is born knowing how to be a doctor, lawyer, cashier, assistant treasurer or anything really. The same goes for blogging. That means as hard as you try, some posts just aren’t going to work.

5. But you have to get it right most of the time. In the working world, you want to continue to receive that paycheck. In the blogosphere, you want readers to keep reading. Either way, you really have to earn it. That requires quality, consistency, persistence, integrity, likability and a sense of humor. Just like work.


What other similarities did I miss? Please share with a comment.

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