The inconsiderate mother

The inconsiderate mother coughs without covering her mouth around others while grocery shopping at Jewel.

The inconsiderate mother opens the rear doors just a bit too wide to get her child out and hits the door of the car parked next to her.

The inconsiderate mother uses those free Wet Wipes to clean her cart at Target then proceeds to leave the dirty wipe in the cart along with whatever empty coffee or soda cups she has.


The inconsiderate mother takes a phone call in the middle of the guided hike portion of the kiddie tram ride at the Morton Arboretum.

The inconsiderate mother grabs about 50 napkins and every plastic utensil from the self serve carousel at Potbelly.

The inconsiderate mother doesn’t pick up the used Frozen stickers that blew out of the car and landed in the neighbor’s yard.

I am the inconsiderate mother.

You see, I have done all of the above, most of it very recently. Maybe I am stressed about moving. Maybe my hands are really too full with two little ones. Still, there is no excuse. I want to be a better example for my children. I want to be a better example for myself.

So, I am sorry to the person behind me in line at Jewel who may have caught my cold.

I am sorry to the woman whose car door I hit, the car with a Kelly Blue Book value of at least twice of the value of my aging family truckster.

I am sorry to the worker at Target who has to spend extra time cleaning the cart I left behind.

I am sorry to the tour guide at the Morton Arboretum for being rude. I am also sorry to the other families on our tour who were trying to listen to the guide.

I am sorry to the next family at the restaurant who needed some napkins and had to ask for more on my account.

I am sorry to my neighbors for cluttering their yard and for the extra work I have created for them during their Spring cleanup.

Next time, I will try to do better than that. I am better than that.

I will be the considerate mother.

What have you done lately that you are not proud of?

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