5 things I hate about moving

Here we go again. After renting our townhouse for less than 9 months we are moving again, this time into the house we bought earlier this year. In theory this move should be easier since we are moving 2 stops down the Metra line instead of over 1000 miles, which required a truck longer than most city blocks plus we didn’t get our stuff including my car for 10 days. Moving with young children is especially tortuous so I am going to take a brief break from packing to share some of the reasons why.

1. Diet plan, what diet plan? Since moving here, I have gained weight and worse, BMI percentage points. So, what have I done about it lately? Eating as much fast-food, soda and cookies as possible. I think I have visited every drive-thru on either side of Roosevelt Road. Some days there are multiple Starbucks runs. Leftover Easter candy makes a portable and quick snack. The two-week absence from the gym doesn’t help either.

2. Moving is incredibly environmentally unfriendly. While we have several trees worth of cardboard and packing paper floating around the townhouse, there are other offenders. I am using copious amounts of cleaners and let’s face it, I need serious chemicals to clean off the toothpaste that has been caked on the sink for the better part of a year. There is all the extra gas for all the shuffling back and forth. I don’t want to think about all the detergents and deodorizers the air duct and carpet cleaners are using plus the varnish from the floor installation and refinishing but those services are necessary, especially since one of my kids is allergic to pretty much anything indoors and outdoors.

3. The job search is effectively on hiatus. Since we now have a move date locked down, I am working back from that date and there is no room on the calendar for getting up close and personal with my LinkedIn account. Sending out resumes and cover letters, company research and preparing for potential call backs and interviews is extremely time consuming.

4. I have less time for blogging. I love to write, really I do, but when I have negative hours in the day something has to give. Sorry ChicagoNow.

5. Money, money and more money. Where do I start? The cost of the move is an obvious one but there are the more subtle but very real expenses coming out of the checkbook on a daily basis. Rent on the townhouse plus the house mortgage is the real drain right now. I already mentioned the extra gas and air duct cleaning which cost money. I also blame the way home sales contracts are written in Illinois which effectively gives buyers little ability to negotiate on majorly aging equipment and fixtures in the home. If it works, it works, no matter the condition or age. This is true for items such as, say a 17-year old water heater with corrosion at the top. In Connecticut, we would have been entitled to a credit. Not here.

I am sure there are more reasons but I have to resume packing now. What do you really hate about moving. Do you have any moving horror stories? Please share!

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