Losing the Chicago 10 and more: the weight loss imperative

Barely two months have passed since I purchased my new interview suit and now it doesn’t fit. What happened?

In the six months since moving to Chicago I have put on 10 pounds. Normally this would not be horrible except I never lost any of the weight from my pregnancy with MBA Toddler not to mention residual weight from carrying MBA Son. Now I am back at the weight I was the day I gave birth to her. I am also very short, not much above 5 feet tall so yes, this is a problem. I am now almost 40 pounds over the target weight for my height and narrow frame.

Moving half a country away from where I spent more than a decade means new doctors for everyone in the family. I got sick of being asked if I have a primary care doctor so finally in early February I made an appointment. It had been almost a year since I had a physical plus I wanted a measles antibody test so I thought this would be a great excuse to establish care.

The good news is, I don’t need another MMR shot. The bad news is I really need to start to think about my blood sugar. The cover letter from the doctor was very cheery; I have good liver and kidney function. It also said my blood sugar was good. As always, I dug into the numbers a bit more since it is second nature for me. While my A1C result was within normal range, the only figure in the 5 page line by line detail that had an asterisk indicating something was outside the range was my fasting blood sugar at 102. It really should be below 100.

Even though I never got a call from the doctor to discuss my results, I am not okay with that blood sugar level. I don’t want to be headed toward type 2 diabetes. My high weight and BMI not to mention my lack of exercise are most likely the culprits. I believe a couple of factors led up to this point.

First, I moved into the land of drive-thrus. Back in Stamford, drive-thrus were few and far between due to the high population relative to available real estate. The McDonald’s and Burger King in town didn’t even have drive-thrus. Here, everything, even the drugstores, are drive-thru. No need to drag the kids in to wait in line with all of the other sick people waiting for their scripts. Of course, my favorite is the Starbucks drive-thru. I can be lazy and get my caffeine fix. It’s a wonderful world. Let’s not forget the delicious hot dog and beef sandwich places for lunch.

Second, after moving here I stopped nursing MBA Toddler. For almost two years, my body was used to the higher metabolism associated with generating the food that kept my picky little girl alive and I took in the extra calories to make that happen with little consequence. When I stopped, while my metabolism slowed, my eating habits did not. As a result, the pounds piled on.

So last week after the results came back, I did some research and saw I need to make some immediate diet changes and strive to exercise for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. My grocery cart this week contained steel cut oats, whole grain bread, veggie burgers, fresh fruits and vegetables, and salmon. Today, I joined a gym, complete with child care and conveniently located right around the corner from our new house.

More good news: I believe the ability to lower my blood sugar is within my grasp. However, I need to stick to the plan. The stakes are too high.

What diet and exercise tips have helped you, either with or without a health scare?

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    I've been following a plan a friend recommended to me, heres the review they wrote:
    It's been working quite well for me, so far I've lost 12lbs!

  • Congrats on the weight loss! I will check it out. I am typing this as I am eating a chickpea, cherry tomato and parsley salad that I tossed together for lunch.

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